Thought Leaders in Immersive Technology

Why Consider AR and VR

Not because it’s cool and cutting edge, or because everyone is doing it and you don’t want to be left behind.
Yes because it will help convey your message, promote your brand, train staff or educate students, or provide immersive entertainment or gaming experiences that only make sense in AR or VR

Why Choose One Over the Other

Not because you prefer the type of headset or because it’s the latest favorite.  VR puts you in a virtual world. AR places virtual objects in the real world.  The choice depends on how you can best meet the goals of your business
Yes because one or the other better supports your particular initiative to provide value, and drive insights and revenue.  One or the other, or a combination of AR, VR and other technologies, will best support your use cases, which might be as varied as brand recognition and advertising, data visualization and machine learning, education and training, pre-construction walk-throughs and real estate tours, health care and medical training, or gaming and entertainment

Why Choose Preferred App

Not just because we have over 25 years of software architecture and engineering experience, providing solutions for large and small companies, advising enterprises and mentoring development teams
Yes also because we work with your subject matter experts to understand your product domain, and to help you understand the possible applications of immersive technology.  Our goal is to empower you ti make informed decisions, so that together we can produce the most effective solutions