PreferredApp brings over 20 years of experience in database, server, user interface, and app development. We believe our processes, experience, and creativity set preferredApp apart from other development resources. But don’t take our word for it.

“Howard is a technology professional with a rare combination of creativity and practicality. He excels at thinking through difficult problems and coming up with solutions that are both effective and efficient but he can also come up with the really interesting questions that lead to whole new possibilities for the technology that he works with. He’s been a huge part of the success of membit, providing advice on both tech and process and tackling some of our thorniest problems. He’s also just an all around great guy and a pleasure to work with.”
Jay Van Buren
Founder, Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur

“I’ve known Howard from the beginning boom of the VR and AR industries in NYC. I am grateful he has stepped on board of our multiplayer VR game with the Oculus Launch Pad program. Joining our team as the Technical Advisor, Howard brings his programming expertise to establish solid Logic in our game, along with the benefit of enthusiasm and curiosity. He is also open and willing to help us solve problems when we run into a challenge. He is a team player and a total asset.”
Kiira Benzing
Samsung Gear Indie Winner 2016
Oculus Launch Pad 2017

“Howard has been a key member and contributor to many of Mana Health’s teams and initiatives and an essential asset to the company. In addition to managing our overall API and Quality effort, he innovated our VR Data Visualization offering, defining and developing a prototype that was featured at our trade show booths over the past 2 years.  

Howard and I first met when he was a Google Glass explorer, and he continues to thrive on examining new and innovative technologies, offering guidance and mentorship to colleagues, often rolling up his sleeves and getting the coding done as well as putting together the right team for the task at hand. He is attentive to best practices in design, development and quality and does not hesitate to step in when he thinks things can be improved.

In addition to our work together at Mana Health, I’ve also enjoyed many interesting discussion about then future of AR, VR, Machine Learning and Big Data, and ways in which those technologies can be put to work to improve business and analytics.  

Howard has been extremely helpful in fostering meaningful productive communication between senior executive staff and development teams at all levels. 

I highly recommend Howard as fantastic addition to any fast moving team and an overall great guy to work alongside in the trenches!”
Christoper Bradley
CEO and Co-Founder

“Howard is one of the most open minded and independent thinkers I’ve ever worked with – exceptional VR/AR architect, product visionary, product manager, and great friend. Very detail-oriented and thorough. Highly recommend him for any position that requires full cycle product envision, planning, and successful delivery”
Alex Apollonsky

“Howard is the engineer that you want on your team. He brings crucial experiences to the table yet he also dives into uncharted territory, delivering great value from new sources. On top of this, Howard is unflappable under pressure and a phenomenal joy to work with.

On a number of occasions, we had urgent deadlines to deliver prototypes on wearables like Google Glass, Vuzix, and other smart glass devices. Howard could keep cool, organized teams of developers and demo practical solutions in short order.

Howard is equally great on the organization of projects as well as getting his hands dirty with code. He uses agile methods from time-blocking requirements through to project management to retros.

I have recently been discussing with him VR concepts and ways in which the Augmate Platform would support VR devices. Howard continues to advise Augmate on new functionality and ways to take those features to market. I highly recommend Howard for your software and leadership areas.”
Pete Wassell
Augmate Corporation

“I know I speak for our team as well as myself, when I say how great is has been to have you aboard this project. Let’s be honest – when you hire a developer (or any contractor) at the last minute and launch them into a challenging project, the most you can do is hope for the best. You have been the best!. Thank you.”
Dave Skaff
The Science Project

“You were great to have here and I look forward to the next project with you. Thanks for your great attitude and work ethic Howard!”
Jeremy Bergstein
Creative + Strategy Managing Partner
The Science Project

“Howard, you are amazing to work with!”
Jane Kim
Project Manager
The Science Project

“This is just right!  Thanks for your extraordinary hard work!”
Br. Karekin Yarian
Project Manager – eProducts
Church Publishing, Inc.

“Preferred App was great to work with on a recent mobile application.  Smart, great communication and fast turnaround.  I appreciated the technical expertise and the ability to collaborate. I’d recommend anyone to start their project with Preferred App and get your mobile development project off the ground.”
Paul Morejón
CEO  / Founder of Popstar Media

“Just wanted to say thank you again for all of your hard work and diligence on this app. Your attention to detail and flexibility in working with us is greatly appreciated. You did a terrific job!”
Ira Tau
Vice President, Internet Technology
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

“Thank you so much for your excellent service. We will certainly be keeping you at the forefront of our minds should we need your superb help with future iOS work, whatever that may be. I’ve heard nothing but the best things from everyone you’ve worked with here.”
Arwin Holmes
Senior Project Manager