Thoughts before Augmented World Expo

It is the weekend before AWE 2014, and I can’t think of a better time to inaugurate my blog about Augmented Reality.


In past years, my springtime technology jaunts to the Bay Area were centered around Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), as my software consulting company had been predominantly based around iPhone and iPad apps.

This year, I will travel to Santa Clara, to immerse myself in Augmented World Expo.  I look forward to learning with colleagues, consulting with experts, and sharing knowledge with fellow members of the rapidly expanding community of Augmented Reality developers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

I started Preferred Augmented Reality (@preferredAR) last year, when I realized that all my spare  programming and studying time was being consumed by AR.   I saw my first demo of Meta glasses about two years ago at one of the monthly meetings of Augmented Reality New York (ARNY) and I was hooked.  Admittedly, the whole AR thing seemed a bit hokey, clunky and gimmicky, but I couldn’t stay away, and I couldn’t stop thinking of ideas for interesting AR projects.

As the world started learning more about it, any cool looking AR app became popular, the way “milk pouring” apps were popular in the early days of iPhones.  AR is still relatively new, and there’s still room for those “wow factor” apps.  However, we are seeing some really significant players in media, advertising, manufacturing, medtech, pharma, and gaming recognize that something huge is being unleashed, which will be a game changer in mobile computing, in marketing, in gaming and in business.

I have a few intentions with this blog:

As an enthusiast, I want to keep track of Preferred AR’s adventures through the world of AR, starting with updates and interesting take-aways from the AWE conference over this next week.

As a teacher, I hope to help readers understand what Augmented Reality is, and things you might want to know about it, as it becomes more and more important to your businesses and clients.

As a community member, I plan to introduce you to other colleagues, pioneers, and game changers, whom I have found inspirational in the field of AR.  Perhaps I’ll be able to entice some guest bloggers, so that I can sit back and learn along with the rest of you.

As a professional developer, software architect, and business person, I hope that by sharing my take on this great technology, I will create more alliances with colleagues, inventors and clients.

I’ll try to keep it interesting to newcomers and AR experts alike.  Please sign up for the newsletter so that you can follow along,.  Of course, we always welcome your comments and questions below.

For an insightful description of Augmented Reality check out this short video featuring Patrick O’Shaughnessey of Patched Reality.