All My Bags Are Packed

All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go …
Packed with devices, and ready to go to Augmented World Expo, in Santa Clara, California.

Monday’s a travel day for me, but when I get into the area of the Expo, I hope to at least stop by the free 2 day opening event: “AWE Hackathon – Wearable Apps”, led by the inspiring Pete Wassell of Augmate Corporation.

I’ve worked on some digital eyewear apps for Augmate, and it’s always great to see Pete in action.

Yesterday I sat out on my deck doing some coding … finishing up some tasks on an existing project, and playing around with some of my older AR apps, which I promised myself I’d resurrect for this expo. Today you might find me out by the pool, um, coding. Garden State, Golden State, I can’t seem to get away from coding outdoors!

Well I got through Security Check in Newark, happy that they were only asking for laptops to be removed, and smaller electronic devices could stay in bags. This is one trip on which I took way too many devices.

So here starts a sunny week of learning, teaching, sharing, networking and exploring business opportunities in Augmented Reality and Wearable Tech. Register for the newsletter and get updates along the way.

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