Building Your New Apps

Yes, people can love an app. They should love yours.

Users of your app need to become fans, if you want them to keep using it.

PreferredApp has experience building apps from the ground up, as well as troubleshooting and enhancing current products.

Turn users into fans through a well-considered interface, relevant functionality that they want and need, and responsive, efficient operation.


An app that is a burden to use will remain unused. An intuitive app becomes indispensable.

PreferredApp has been building digital relationships between people and information for over 20 years. We engineer software solutions that fit natural user patterns.


The value of data and information increases with its relevance to the user.

Unleashing the power of data reveals the business intelligence capabilities of your app.

PreferredApp understands where data comes from and how to represent it to users, owners and your analytics experts.


Apps run on the most personal piece of technology yet invented—the mobile device. This makes apps the most personal software that people use.

PreferredApp understands that even a second of waiting feels like work for users. We refine our products to provide the most intrinsic value to a user in the most timely, relevant way.