Not Simple as a Brick

So, I was sitting in the AWE Hacks hackathon, yesterday at Augmented World Expo. There were teams all around me working on digital eyewear apps for fun and prizes. Then what comes buzzing over my head? A bird, a plane? No, it was a Google Glass controlled drone, created by Dave Martinez of Brick Simple.

The room was full of innovation, much of it on devices borrowed from the leading manufacturers of ground breaking digital eyewear. The guys to my left were writing a game reminiscent of classic asteroids for play on Occulist Rift, but instead of shooting asteroids they were walking around punching cubes from mid air. They took turns trying out each new revision, and tweaking the code.

This has me really excited for Tuesday’s tutorial session by Patrick O’Shaughnessey of Patched Reality, who’ll review the best AR SDKs for mobile and wearable devices. I learned a great deal from his AR SDK presentations in years past, and am particular psyched to sit in on this one, with it lean towards wearable devices. He’ll be joined by David Beard from Qualcomm Vuforia, as well as Ben Blachnitzky and Ryan Burgoyne from Metaio (Ryan Burgoyne).

Patrick and I go way back. We were together at a great startup in the dot com era, and were reunited a few years ago, after I heard him interviewed by Joe Rampolla on the great Augmented Reality Dirt (AR Dirt) podcast. I listen to AR Dirt regularly, and suggest you subscribe. It turned out we had several AR connections through Augmented Reaility New York (ARNY) and the AR community at large. Patrick also organizes the Augmented Reality Chicago Meetup. Check into that, when you’re out that way. We continue to collaborate on digital eyewear and AR products for some great companies, like Augmate, and I look forward to augmenting the world with him.

Well, it’s time to get back to work on an ongoing personal AR project. It’s my goal to share it with colleagues during the expo. Gee, it hardly feels like work, when it’s this much fun.

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