Troubleshooting and Enhancing Existing Apps

You wrote a great app, or someone wrote one for you. Then something happened. Crashes, errors, slow data retrieval, network access problems, slow interface response, inability to adapt to device and operating system upgrades... these are the types of repairable challenges preferredApp has built a reputation fixing.

An app that's a burden to use will remain unused.

Instability, caused by those problems and others, will affect your app's ratings with users; and ultimately lower its exposure to new users.


It is painful to see a well conceived app remain non-deployed, or poorly rated, because it does not function effectively or efficiently.

Preferred App is highly skilled and experienced in reverse engineering existing apps, discovering the pain points, and correcting the flaws to bring your great app back to life!


It is frustrating when your original app developers are no longer available to implement critical enhancements in order to satisfy new business requirements.

Preferred App introduces new and improved functionality into existing apps, that integrates seamlessly with the existing look and feel. We take advantage of the app's existing architecture, and implementation design, making only changes that are necessary to satisfy evolving requirements.